Activity Based Learning (ABL)

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Mrs. Manisha Maharjan
Pre-primary Level Teacher

Activity based learning refers to the teaching methodology where the subject matter is delivered through various activities which make learning more interesting and effective.
Learning by doing is the main focus in this method. In this learning pedagogy students are the center of the process and teachers act only as a facilitator, introducing and guiding them through the activities.
The most common ways of activity based learning are games, role play, group work or group discussion, demonstration using real objects, taking students to educational tour, playing subject related videos etc. For these activities students are divided into some groups or assigned individually.
Learning through activities creates curiosity in students to find more information about the given problem. It encourages the students to express their learning more confidently and learn independently. When the students are given an activity, they are both physically and mentally involved that provides better stimulation of senses and in turn better learning. They learn through experimentation.
It is very effective method of learning that students learn not only through text book but by various teaching activities. It helps them to memorize the subject matter for long term.

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