School Uniform Policy

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School Dress (Monday/ Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday)

  • Blue pant, blue and white check shirt for boys and blue skirt and blue and white check shirt (Full sleeves in winter and half sleeves in summer)- Classes 1 to 10
  • Maroon blazer – Class 5 to 10
  • Blue sweater- Class Nursery to 10
  • Blue socks
  • Maroon jacket- Class Nursery to 6
  • Black leather shoes with laces
  • School belt, tie, identity card (compulsory)
  • Blue scarf, blue cap (only in winter)
  • Blue ribbon for girls, hair must be plaited up neatly both sides.

House Dress (Sunday/ Thursday)

  • Green, Red, Blue and Yellow tracksuit and house t-shirt
  • Identity Card (Compulsory)
  • White socks and white canvas shoes
  • House Ribbon for girls